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Гей знакомства без регистрации [11 Jun 2016|05:48am]
гей знакомства без регистрациигей знакомства без регистрации

сайты секс знакомств с домохозяйками в ростове на дону
вместе с «бесплатные объявления знакомства» ищут:
10 авг. 2011 г. - ростов на дону девушки знакомства · знакомства г канск экспресс знакомства в москве сайт знакомств для вич положительных
гей знакомства волгоград.
ссылки на страницу содержат: главная страница.
серьезные отношения (2014) 1,2,3,4 серия из 4 смотреть
gunsgirls : уфа, индивидуалки, интим, знакомства, секс
знакомства в альметьевске. на сайте знакомств любовники вы сможете легко познакомиться со своей половинкой из города альметьевск.
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веб камера знакомства в астрахани, шалавы брянск. девушек в кедах. реклама. секс знакомства за деньги воронеж. познакомлюсь нг 2010 госпожа.
бесплатный сайт знакомств в новосибирске - нгс знакомства. знакомства. в 12 регионах, в том числе крупнейшие по своей аудитории ngs.
количество ссылающихся страниц на flirchi. бесплатный сайт знакомств без регистрации. 40. 31299.
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проститутки нижнего новгорода. елена.
город: россия, москва. ищу: парня, пару м+м. для: регулярный секс, bdsm, серьезные отношения
ростелеком - mysmsbox
секс у фонтана в центре самары квалифицировали
секс знакомства без регистрации чебоксары. знакомства гей абакан | знакомства для интима херсон. copyright © 2013. all rights reserved.

знакомства 60 лет православные клубы знакомств

Знакомства тула интим [04 Oct 2012|09:25am]

сайт знакомств г тула
знакомства тула интим
бдсм знакомства г.тула

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Отвязные каникулы онлайн бесплатно [24 Aug 2012|01:49am]

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Сайт с толстыми женщинами для знакомства и секса [27 Jul 2012|09:05pm]

сайт с толстыми женщинами для знакомства и секса | секс знакомства с ангельской брюнеткой авдохой

Сайт знакомств он она вход С номером телефона знакомства на один два раза Секс знакомства минск бесплатно Форум знакомства комсомольск-на-амуре Сайт знакомств зрелые женщины Обьявление знакомства

происхождение имени марат [02 Mar 2011|05:09am]
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Textiel wall @ art exspo. [25 Aug 2009|11:39am]


Ph. Pim-Unicps
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Sheets [15 Sep 2008|08:53pm]

Hello, this is my 1e post here.
I am a Dutch fashion designer and yesterday i went to a art-expo and made this photo's.
I love the art work and hoop you do to.

Together with inhabitants of his village in Nigeria, Anatsui makes huge, magnificent wall-hangings from soldered together pieces of beer cans and bottle tops. El Anatsui art work @  Sonsbeek 2008
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I'm not sure if maybe my creativity creates my insanity or my insanity causes my creativity. [21 Aug 2008|11:52am]

I'm not sure if maybe my creativity creates my insanity or my insanity causes my creativity.
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[03 Aug 2008|02:28pm]

I work at a fast food place that whenever we have a new promotion, we get new work shirts and keep the old ones.... so we all end up with a mad collection of big orange shirts.
so I ask, I want to make the old ones fashionable, vintage and cool... they're orange and usually advertise some god forsaken blob of fat burger. What should I do with them or wear with them?
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necklaces [30 Jul 2008|06:30pm]

hi guys!

I put up a few more necklaces on etsy. These are the very last Hail To The Thief necklaces I have, since I've totally cut up the cd booklet and there's pretty much nothing left of it!

check out the rest of them at my etsy shop.
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radiohead necklaces [23 Jul 2008|05:39pm]

I made some new Radiohead necklaces and put them up in my etsy shop!
Check them out:


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[09 Jul 2008|01:27am]


I made some pendants using lyrics and cut outs from Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief" cd booklet.
You can check 'em out at my Etsy.
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artist feature :: ray caesar [17 Jul 2007|11:56am]


art, words and playlist by
ray caesar
music is art.

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Body Politics. A story. [12 Feb 2007|07:25pm]

I'm working on a story for creative writing class and I'd really appreciate some feedback on it. I'd post it here but part of the assignment is to discuss how useful others' myspace comments were in arriving at a final draft (ahem, Stewart Home is my teacher this semester, if any of you know who that is...), and so any response has to be documented there.

If anyone has the time, I'd be eternally grateful...

It's under 'Why women are the weaker sex (assignment 4)' on http://www.myspace.com/artssake 

Arigato x

Also, add me on myspace! I've just joined really and am quite impoverished in the friend department...
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The Story [11 Feb 2007|07:30pm]


Hey kids.

I'm lookin to make a story where Gorginzola gets shipwrecked on Tiki Island.

But I'm not too good and putting together big stories. So I need your help.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated - ideas, observations. Tell me what you see in the pictures. Tell me what you would like to see in the pictures. Tell me what you think happens next. Tell me what you think happened way in the past. Tell me what should happen at some point, though you may not be sure when. Got a character idea? Plot idea? In joke? Whatever you got, throw in the hat, and I'll try and make use of it. Seriously

We can all make this story.


Like a family.

Of pirates.

And I'll be your captain.

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click to see the rest of the image [03 Feb 2007|11:14am]

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Click to liten [27 Jan 2007|09:36pm]

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poem [18 Jan 2007|10:38pm]

you were sitting on the couch with a magazine in your hand

heaven feels like a whore
when she teases and then
gives in, like
the sex girls down the street, tight pants, fur coats, backwash on their lips.

my heart feels like plastic
when i kiss you and grow
icicles around my mouth.
i feel like winter with a high fever,
holes burning through my brain until
i’m a broken window.

you looked like a power chord
with that cigarette balancing behind your ear
and your hair like knives.

i thought you could walk right through me,
and settle there, breathing through my empty frame,

you walked around the mess
without as much as a

you are loveless and lifeless.
my house rots before you as i erase
what i a home is.
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Umlaut Ampersand [16 Jan 2007|10:32pm]

Here's an animation/music video I made - Enjoy!

- by JT Bruce
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Poll [25 Dec 2006|04:44am]

Poll #894720 Can You Cook?

Do you cook for yourself when you are free?

Yes, whenever I have spare time.
Yes, when I feel like cooking.
Yes, when I am broke.
Yes, when the weather permits me to.
Never. I hate the idea of cooking.
No, but I would like to try someday.
No, I do not know how to cook.
No, but I have dreamed of myself cooking.
No, food delivery is fast, convenient and affordable.

Who taught you to cook?

Domestic Help
Professional Instructor
No one
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