Gorginzola (gorginzola) wrote in art_is_insanity,

The Story

Hey kids.

I'm lookin to make a story where Gorginzola gets shipwrecked on Tiki Island.

But I'm not too good and putting together big stories. So I need your help.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated - ideas, observations. Tell me what you see in the pictures. Tell me what you would like to see in the pictures. Tell me what you think happens next. Tell me what you think happened way in the past. Tell me what should happen at some point, though you may not be sure when. Got a character idea? Plot idea? In joke? Whatever you got, throw in the hat, and I'll try and make use of it. Seriously

We can all make this story.


Like a family.

Of pirates.

And I'll be your captain.

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